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Sky restaurant of An Hotel
Sky Restaurant with airy space, you can see the whole beautiful city of Phan Thiet at night. Sky restaurant with a capacity of 100 guests, this is a suitable place to organize receptions, birthday parties, BBQs, meet customers and serve group meals in a luxurious and intimate space. An Hotel also serves drinks at the counter such as soft drinks, cooling water, ... etc. Spacious and safe basement car park right on the premises of the hotel.
Experience the Himalayan salt rock sauna service at An Hotel
Understand the miraculous attraction that the salt stone sauna brings, as a therapy that is both health care, relaxation and highly aesthetic with products entirely from nature, extremely beneficial for everyone. People, An Hotel has included a special service when you stay at An Hotel, unit price 250,000 VND / hour / room.
Himalaya Salt Rock Sauna is a combination of traditional sauna with Himalayan salt stones. Himalaya salt is much more functional than normal table salt or sea salt, because it contains up to 84 minerals and micronutrients needed by the body, in addition to ensuring purity, not being polluted by effects. pollution caused by it lies deep in the Himalayas for 250 million years.
Salt rock saunas are made up of wooden walls, ceilings and floors covered with salt stone panels heated by infrared rays. In the sauna, salt crystals are naturally dispersed through convection diffusion from the walls to create a fresh environment, supporting the treatment of arthritis, flu, and asthma. Combined with herbs with ingredients such as flowers, rare herbs will help the spirit to relax, comfortable in a space with fragrant aroma.
Salt rock sauna is one of the new and unique services chosen by many customers for its health and skin benefits. Sauna service helps guests relax and recuperate from long trips while relaxing at An Hotel.
The benefits of Himalayan salt rock sauna bring:
Reduce stress, relieve stress
Skin cleansing
Create a deeper, restful sleep
Muscle relaxation, pain relief
Detoxify, burn energy
Improved cardiovascular performance
Weight loss acne treatment
With a staff of professional, enthusiastic, hospitable, we are committed to giving our customers satisfaction and impression as well as unforgettable experiences when stopping at An Hotel.
Very pleased to serve you.
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