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Attractive price hotel Phan Thiet An Hotel has a cheaper price than homestay

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On the occasion of the summer, teachers and students wishing to go to Phan Thiet for the summer, can choose to stay at the attractive price hotel Phan Thiet An Hotel, located in the heart of Phan Thiet, very close to the sea. Duong Hill (2 - 3 minutes by car), right in the tourist center, near Nguyen Tat Thanh square, supermarket, children's play area, market, ..
Special offers for group groups:
Phan Thiet An Hotel with special offers, discounts and promotions for groups and groups (please call 0252 3879 379 - 0858 758 679 to inform the number of guests and receive notification. price + discount details in groups).

Attractive price hotel Phan Thiet An Hotel has a total of 3 types of standar, deluxe, family rooms with spacious, beautiful, cheap, airy rooms, fully equipped, quiet, with elevator 
The rooms meet the minimum standards: Mitsubisi / Panasonic air-conditioner, attached electric fan, electric water heater, LCD HD flat-screen TV, refrigerator, free high-speed wifi, Kymdan mattress, furniture, cabinets. ..
The hotel facilities are all quality products, completely renewed when broken because in essence, it will ensure the long-term life of the goods and our reputation.


The hotel also has a restaurant on the rooftop of the hotel with attractive prices in Phan Thiet named Sky Restaurant with airy space, you can see the whole city of Phan Thiet at night. Sky restaurant with a capacity of 100 guests, this is a suitable place to organize receptions, birthday parties, BBQs, meet customers and serve group meals in a luxurious and intimate space.

In addition, the attractive price hotel Phan Thiet also offers Himalayan salt rock sauna service which is a combination of a traditional sauna and Himalayan salt stones. Salt rock sauna is one of the new and unique services chosen by many customers for its health and skin benefits. Sauna service helps guests relax and recuperate from long trips while relaxing at An Hotel.khach-san-gia-hap-dan-phan-thiet

With a staff of enthusiastic, welcoming you with a warm hospitality. Come to the attractive price hotel Phan Thiet An Hotel to experience this exciting outing!
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